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Becoming an Egg Donor

Egg Donation in Florida - Information for Egg Donors

Egg Donation in Florida – Information for Egg Donors

Give of yourself; Change your life; and create another. Become an egg donor at IVF FLORIDA and receive up to $6,250.00 in total compensation. Egg donation, in conjunction with IVF (in vitro fertilization), makes it possible for women who have poor-quality eggs or too few eggs to realize their dream of conceiving a child. If you are considering egg donation, the team of experts at IVF FLORIDA Reproductive Associates, serving Fort Lauderdale and beyond, want to provide you with all of the information you need to decide whether becoming an egg donor is right for you.

IVF FLORIDA is proud to be a partner of Donor Egg Bank USA

Donor Egg Bank USA is the nation's only frozen donor egg program to be developed through a collaboration of over 100 reproductive specialists throughout the United States. Donor Egg Bank USAs frozen donor egg program offers patients similar success rates to the more traditional (fresh) donor egg programs with the added financial security of our 100% Assured Refund Plan.

  • Shorten Your Treatment Time. Donor Egg Bank USA eggs are frozen for immediate use, so you can cycle sooner without the months of delay that come with traditional donor IVF treatment.
  • Eliminate Worry. Frozen donor eggs provides the comfort that your cycle will not be canceled due to a donor failing pre-screening, has a low ovarian response or has an unexpected life event.
  • Save Money. Increase your chances of having a baby through the Donor Egg Bank USAs affordable Single Cycle and 100% Assured Refund Plans, both designed to be less expensive than traditional donor IVF cycles.
  • Maximize Probability of Success. Donor Egg Bank USAs success rates are nearly as good as traditional cycles and with our 100% Assured Refund Guarantee you can have peace of mind, that if you do not deliver a baby you will receive a full refund.

Who Can Become an Egg Donor?

If you meet the following criteria, you may be eligible to be an egg donor:

  • In good physical and emotional health
  • Between the ages of 21 and 32
  • Within 25 pounds of your ideal body weight
  • No negative inheritable/genetic traits

The Egg Donation Process

Egg donation, also known as ovum donation, involves multiple steps. Although it is a complex process, it is a worthwhile experience for most donors because the end result is a precious gift for a deserving couple. There is no cost to the donor during the egg donation process, and financial compensation is available for those who participate in the program.


After completing the initial application form, the screening process begins. Potential donors are asked questions regarding their general health, family medical history, and gynecological history. A complete physical evaluation is then completed followed by a personality test.

Selection and Matching

Once selected, a donor meets with a fertility expert who will help her understand the egg donation process. She will also be matched with a recipient couple. Since the egg donor program is confidential, the donor's identity will remain anonymous to the recipient.

Cycle Synchronization

Hormones, often in the form of birth control pills, are administered in order to coordinate the donor's cycle with that of the recipient. Synchronization may take a few weeks to a couple of months. During this stage, egg donors may experience symptoms similar to those of PMS or menopause.


After the donor's cycle has been synchronized with the recipient's cycle, the donor will receive follicle stimulating medications. Since each mature follicle produces one mature egg per month, these injections cause multiple follicles to mature. Donors are carefully monitored during this stage of the egg donation process to prevent over-stimulation. Development of the eggs will also be monitored.

Egg Retrieval

Egg retrieval is performed under moderate sedation anesthesia (aka MAC) and takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes. During the procedure, the physician inserts a vaginal ultrasound probe that allows him or her to view the donor's ovaries on a monitor. Then, the eggs are gently aspirated from their follicles.

Compensation for Egg Donors

Compensation for a donor's time and commitment during this confidential process can be up to $6,250.00 per donation (conditions apply).

Apply to Be a Donor

The first step in the egg donation process is to complete a medical history and genetic questionnaire. Our donor egg department will review your history and questionnaire and you will contact be contacted if you qualify to be a potential egg donor. Click here to apply to become a Donor.

Donor profiles are made available to couples who are seeking donor eggs. The questionnaire allows the recipient couple to select an egg donor who best matches their own physical characteristics and background. To view our online donor profiles, contact one of our Donor Department representatives for a user name and password, then click here to access the Egg Donor database.

There are no out of pocket expenses incurred by donors. Donors who complete the cycle are compensated $6250.00

Learn More about Egg Donation at Our Fort Lauderdale-area Clinic

Those that are interested in learning more about becoming an egg donor are encouraged to contact the egg donation experts at IVF FLORIDA. Those in the Fort Lauderdale area may find our Pembroke Pines or Margate location especially convenient, while our Wellington and Palm Beach Gardens offices are easily accessible to residents of Palm Beach County.

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